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Sting – Facebook Page

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Living Life In Peace
Living Life In Peace


Was born on October 2, 1951

Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, English musician, singer, songwriter, philosopher and actor

Home Town – Wallsend, England

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  • I see the songs not as goods expended when the album goes off the charts, which often happens with pop songs. I see them as part of the job. They need to breathe life.
  • Love is stronger than justice.
  • I learned to change my accent; in England, your accent is very strong points to the class, and I did not want to hold back.
  • If you earn a living, and you can not write anything, it’s all over. It’s very scary.
  • It has very little to do with my work, but if your image is not sexy enough, people will not listen. This is part of the game.
  • A song is never easy. This is the most difficult thing that I do.
  • I do not have a political solution to this problem … … as long as the war in this region … they run away from weapons that are produced in Britain and France, Germany, the US, Russia. .. I’m a pacifist

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“I know that shovels are soldier swords, which
I know that clubs are weapons of war.
I know that diamonds mean money for this art.
But this is not the form of my heart “

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