Living Life – Humanity

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Living Life – Humanity to Community

Ubuntu philosophy – Free Images

Ubuntu is a term meaning “humanity”. It is often translated as “I am because we are,” and also “humanity towards others”, but is often used in a more philosophical sense to mean “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”.



  • Your mind and consciousness are worth. But is it worth giving it to business or to a bank for the sake of money profit?
  • The community is the only reasonable way of human cohabitation. Loneliness is the solution of the issue of life outside the community. All intermediate phenomena are various stages of compromise and are doomed to decay.
  • А person willing to devote himself to living life in community, acts in accordance with the fundamentals of great matter. But, if anyone wants to create a compromise, let him choose the head of the banker, at least, he will be praised for sober cynicism.
  • The conscious community excludes two enemies of the public, namely, inequality and inheritance. All inequality leads to tyranny. Inheritance is a compromise and brings decay into the foundations.
  • They often accuse the community of violence against individual freedom. This accusation is applicable to any compromise system, but not to the community. In a conscious community, a place is for every work. Everyone can choose labor at will, for every work is refined with new achievements. There is no boredom of mechanical fulfillment, for the worker is at the same time a tester. He understands the importance of the task, so as not to violate the overall complex of movement, to improve the work.
  • The path of life is one of mutual help. Participants in the great task cannot be humanity-haters.
  • And another absolute condition must be fulfilled. Labor must be voluntary. Cooperation must be
    voluntary. Community must be voluntary. Labor must not be enslaved by force. The condition of
    voluntary agreement must be laid into the foundation of advancement. No one may bring
    dissolution into the new house. Workers, builders, creators, can be likened to high-soaring eagles.
    Only in a broad flight does the dust and rubbish of decay fall away.

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Living Life – Humanity