Facebook page – “Hunan Satellite TV”

Facebook page – “Hunan Satellite TV”


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Living Life In Peace

Living Life In Peace


Hunan Satellite TV is the most popular TV media in China’s mainland. It has created explosions variety shows such as “Happy Camp”, “Upwards Every Day”, “Singer”, “Where is Daddy?” Now, the upsurge of Hunan Satellite TV has spread to the world, becoming a Chinese language media that has considerable influence and spread value both at home and abroad! In 2018, Hunan Satellite TV hopes to be happy globally! The more laughter the younger! Young Forever!


Facebook:  m.me/hntvchina


Email:  kunjie@mgtv.com

YouTube:  www.youtube.com/hunantv/

Instagram:  www.instagram.com/hntv_mgtv/


YouTube playlist “China”



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