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Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect).

 Mark Twain

Imagine All the People Living Life in Peace …

– John Lennon

Everything changes in a spiral. Everything is cyclical. The high tide and the low tide.
The peoples return to their ancient roots at low tide.
It’s an instinct. Everyone has his own shell, which has not yet completely decayed.

“The good news about our homeland is nice to us.
Even the Fatherland smoke is sweet and pleasant to us.”

But the high tide time comes, and once the peoples again strive to
become Humanity. The bourgeois becomes a communist, the chauvinist
sings the International, the owner does not recognize the inheritance,
the capitalist nationalizes his factories. The downtrodden and outcast
people become pioneers, creators and heroes.

During the high tide there is Premonition, Faith, Enthusiasm.
All national, philistine, proprietary seems shameful and outdated.
Intellectuals and poets see as a worthy goal only the great happy future of the free united Humanity.
The people is ready for great sacrifices for the sake of a great goal.

Where are we now? In which phase of the cycle?

The smokes of the Fatherlands are already eating away eyes at all of us.

Doubtful leaders direct our peoples to search of the sacred Bottom of their national shells.

But the one who reaches the bottom, will not come out alive again.
It becomes difficult to breathe. Consciousness becomes vague. Thoughts are confused.
Let’s turn the people to the Exit!

“Until it’s too late we’ll put the old sword in the scabbard …”

Meet at the top. Good luck!



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Living Life In Peace